iDMS MANAGE documents & PROCESS workflows on the CLOUD!

IXI Document Management System ​ is an INDUSTRY SPECIFIC document management system which is your friendly customized solution meant for your all-in-one document lifecycle needs. It take cares of creation, editing, routing, storage & retention for various types of documents applicable to any sector like:

GENERAL making announcements, managing staff handbook, application forms, invoices, leave applications, document distributions, claims & receipts, etc...
PROPERTY managing land acquisition, land bank, project plan, etc...
CONSTRUCTION handling incoming/outgoing correspondences, transmittal notes, memo, generating letter and reference №, etc...

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Greater EFFICIENCY- ​ digitizing documents could optimize them for speedy search & proper keep track of revisions hence you will never work on the outdated document. Get rid of the hassle to look for somebody to submit a document for approval, the workflow routing process could save your time for doing more meaningful stuffs!

Abundance of SAVINGS- ​ DMS is aimed to accomplish thousands benefits without compromising your time, money & trees! You get things done faster with the improved efficiency from ordinary document process. Besides, iDMS take care of your application hosting where saves you remarkably huge chunk of expenses. Ultimately, you are 1 step closer to Go Green by achieving paper-less office & your auditor will love you too!

Absolute ACCESSIBILITY - ​ iDMS is designed to maximize the availability of the document so that you could reach them on the go! It is conveniently accessible from anywhere, by any devices, at ANYTIME!

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