ISO 9001


There are many requirements to fulfil in order to be ISO 9001 compliant. In particular with section 4.2.3 Control of Documentation, to satisfy the section requirement, the control of documents throughout their life cycle must be met. The definition of section 4.2.3 Control of Documentation and how iDMS provide the solutions are stated below:

Approve documents before they are distributed.
- Digital document library which allows users/organization to store or view the documents.
- Deploy approval workflow.
- To ensure that all document has to go through user which possess the authority for document approval before it can be distributed or viewable by the organization.
Update documents on a periodic basis.
- Deploy workflow which is in accordance with information management policies.
- To ensure documents are periodically reviewed and to keep content up-to-date.
- Reminder will be done automatically by the system workflow.
​Ensure correct version of document(s) available at point of use.
- Enabling “Document Version History”
- To ensure that correct version of document is being publish to the organization.
​Identify current revision status of document.
- Enabling “Document Version History”
- To preserve every version of a document which is being amended or added new information, every details of amendments will be stored in the document library.
- Version index is provided to indicate the sequence of document version.
Identify, control and monitor documents from external sources.
- External sources such as E-mails or other electronic format of information can be imported into iDMS and will be “tagged” with the appropriate metadata. Which in other words, documents which are received from an external source share the same policies that are applied to documents which are received internally.
- Hard-copy information can be scanned and import to iDMS and “tagged” with appropriate information.
Prevent the accidental/unintended use of obsolete documents.
- The latest approved version of document will only be shown to the organization for viewing.
- Older version will not be present to the organization.
Preserve the usability of documents.
- ​By storing all the documents digitally and using the metadata properties which associated with the document allows the document to remain legible and easily identifiable which defines the usability of documents.
- Global Search allows user to search all the documents in the system with ease, provided that the user has authority to view the document.